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Dr. Eyal Rahav


Head of the Biology Dept., IOLR


Dr. Natalia Belkin

Lab manager



Eyal Geisler
PhD candidate
"Marine bioaggregates as hubs for microbial interactions and viral infections"

(Co-supervised with Prof. Edo Bar-Zeev, BGU)


Shira Givati
PhD cadnidate
Do the abnormal N:P ratio in the eastern Med are temperature-related?

(Co-supervised with Prof. Daniel Sher, HU)


Tom Riech
Ph.D. candidate
Assessing microbial viability and carbon demand in ultra-oligotrophic marine provinces in light of predicted climate changes;
The Mediterranean and Red seas as case studies

(Co-supervised with Prof. Ilana Berman-Frank)

Benjamin Ankri
MSc candidate
"Studying the factors affecting the viability of airborne microbes in the SE Mediterranean Sea"

(Co-supervised with Prof. Barak Herut)


Hala AbuAli
Ph.D candidate
Quantify the impact of crude-oil and gas-condensate on seawater reverse osmosis desalination and test potential mitigation solutions

(Co-supervised with Prof. Edo Bar-Zeev, BGU)


Ryan Sirota
Ph.D candidate
Impacts of brine from seawater reverse osmosis desalination on benthic biogeochemistry, fauna and flora

(Co-supervised with Prof. Edo Bar-Zeev, BGU)

Past Students and Research Assistants
Galit Ovadia, Ania Vichik, Or Hazan, Ofrat Raveh (Ofi), Hila Frank, Shahar Rosenfeld, Lital Ozeri, Yael Shai, Misha Suchanov, Essam Kababo

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